Explicación de las expresiones gastronómicas españolas

Tapas – Snacks

Tapas is a small snack, a tasting saucer, or a monkey. The name Tapas comes from Spain, where this way of eating is very popular. It can be said that this is a way of eating, which is realized in a company of friends or more people who share the table together.

Chorizo – Spanish Sausage

The main ingredients of the chorize are minced pork, ground pepper and garlic. Paprika can be sweet or hot, according to the desired spicyness of the product. Spain also uses ground potato Pimentón de Vera, which gives the chorus a smoky flavor. The vast majority of diseases are preserved by drying. If the process of chorizo production is not finished by drying, it is a so-called chorizo fresco. It is especially suitable for grilling and as ingredients in cooked dishes.

Jamon - Spanish ham

Jamon – Spanish ham

Jamon curado is the name for Spanish dried ham. The term Jam (Chamon Read) is the Spanish word for ham, and the term Curado (Reading Curd) means dried in fresh air. Raw pork legs are also used for ripening in fresh air, which are then referred to as palette, such as the serrano palette or the Iberian palette.

Sangria – a refreshing alcoholic beverage

Sangria is a refreshing light alcoholic drink typical of the Iberian Peninsula. It is usually made from red wine, fruit pulp, sweeteners and a small amount of brandy, leaving the mixture to stand in the cold. The name is derived from the term for blood (Spanish sangre), because of the rich red sangria color.


Cava is a sparkling Spanish traditional white or pink wine produced by the traditional method in the Spanish region of Cava, especially in the Catalan peninsula of Penedès in the provinces of Barcelona and Tarragona.


Spanish wine of the Tempranillo variety. This wine is gently velvety fine, very light and will be a pleasant companion. The wine is ruby red, the aroma most often dominated by the scent of forest fruits – blueberries, blackberries. On the floor, this wine is very elegant with fine tannins. The alert is shorter and not too intense.

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